Barossa Baroque and Beyond 2019

Margaret Lehmann

Photo by John Krüger, The Barossa Mag

Good grief!  Somehow we have managed to arrive at number 5.  Astonishing and yet not.

I have been blessed with the unstinting support of Sharon Grigoryan and Reuben Zylberszpic, universally known as Roob.

Sharon has been Artistic Director from the outset and has chosen all the fine musicians who have amazed and delighted us over the life of Barossa Baroque and Beyond.  This year is no exception.

Roob is Melbourne based and is a music promoter and manager sans pareil.  When he is in the picture, all artists relax because they know he has their interests and concerns foremost.

Me?  I look after the Barossa end, making sure the venues work, that the musicians are housed and fed.  Of course this only happens with the support and voluntary assistance of many Barossa friends and especially Peter Lehmann Wines whose generosity and great support smooths the way.

Again, wonderful to have Jane Doyle who is again gracing us with her knowledgeable and witty introductions.  Thank you, Jane.

I am particularly excited about the artists Sharon has gathered this year.  We are in for some very special musical moments indeed and I look forward to seeing you at BBB 2019.

Margaret Lehmann

A Word from the Artistic Director

Sharon Grigoryan

I am so proud that this year’s BBB marks its 5th; this is no testament to me I feel, but an absolute credit to Margaret Lehmann, Peter Lehmann Wines, and all the folks in the Barossa who chip in their own talents and hands to make this festival such a gem from year to year. My huge thanks as always to Margaret, PLW, and dear Roob who keeps all of us musicians organised.

This year I am so excited to introduce three new “acts” to BBB: the Adelaide Baroque, organist Calvin Bowman, and the famous and infamous Tawadros Brothers in James and Joe.

Adelaide Baroque has forged national recognition for its absolute commitment to quality and artistic output in the Baroque stream, and it is yet another example of the fine musicians that Adelaide has to offer. The organ hall is a perfect arena to show off this magnificent group.

Calvin Bowman has been at the forefront of the organ world for many years now, and he brings sensitivity to the instrument that is refreshing. That, alongside his dry sense of humour and always festive paisley shirts will be a fine addition to this weekend!

The Tawadros Brothers are a revelation.  Very much part of the “Beyond”, their Egyptian descent almost solely influences their music that is mainly composed by Oud player Joseph. Full of fast, furious, and spicy rhythms and harmonies, their duo performance at Maggie Beer’s Farm Eatery on Saturday evening is not to be missed.

The Barossa holds a special place in Nicole Durdin‘s heart, and I am so glad that she has been able to make an appearance with four of her French horn playing friends from the ASO and Adelaide for “Horns on the Lawn” at PLW cellar door. A twist on the good ol’ chestnut of brass quintets, this horn quintet will add an extra few layers of warmth to the early evening wine tasting.

And then on to the Cabaret – the usual mad mix of Jane Doyle’s MC-ing, astounding music and honest fare, featuring the Band of Brothers Grigoryan Brothers and Tawadros Brothers.  This awesome foursome also branch off into different combinations to ensure an absolutely dynamic evening. And of course, some musical cameos that will be revealed on the night…

Thank you again for coming along to our little festival in 2019, and I look forward to seeing you there in October.

Warm wishes,

Sharon Grigoryan