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A Word from the Artistic Director


Sharon GrigoryanWhen I moved from Melbourne to Adelaide in 2013, I almost immediately felt at home thanks to the warmth and support of my friends, and also the sense of community that seemed to leap out at me everywhere I went. This sense of community seems to be magnified threefold in the town of Tanunda, home of BB&B!

The focus of BB&B is, and I hope always will be, good music and good friendship. In BBB’s third year, we welcome back some familiar faces such as the Australian String Quartet, The Grigoryan Brothers. Sophie Rowell, and Jane Doyle, as well as a couple of new friends: José Carbo and Rhys Boak.
Here’s to many more years of BB&B, and thank you to all South Australians who make this state such a vibrant and inspiring place for artists of all facets to share their artistry.  And of course, a huge thanks to Marg Lehmann and Peter Lehmann Wines, and Ellie Beer for her scrumptious food at the Cabaret!

Marg, how lucky we are to have you, your passion, humour and support.

Sharon Grigoryan

Barossa Baroque and Beyond 2017


Margaret Lehmann

We are coming up to our third Barossa, Baroque and Beyond.  When we began, I didn’t dare peer too much into the future….now we seem to be part of the musical landscape.

I have been cheered by the response of young and old to the wonderful musicians Sharon Grigoryan has gathered to perform in the Barossa…..and the musicians in return tell me just how much they love coming here.  Loving the Barossa, as I do, I simply say to myself, “Of course!”

We have a happy blend of old friends returning and artists new to the Barossa, but I guarantee our usual blend of generosity, wonderful music making and infectious informality.

And as ever, thank you to Peter Lehmann Wines for its invaluable support.

Margaret Lehmann